The main objective of the project is to study how implementation of eHealth in primary care affects work processes, perceived work environment, and healthcare professionals’ health and based on this further develop recommendations and guidelines for digitalization of primary care.

The research is funded by AFA Försäkring and runs for 3 years (2020-2022). The project is a collaboration between Uppsala University, Karolinska Institutet, and the Academic Primary Care Centers in Norrtälje and Hässelby. 

The project consists of 3 case studies focusing on different aspects of implementation of eHealth in primary care. We will explore the implementation of digital consultations in primary care in Norrtälje (case study 1), as well as across Region Stockholm (case study 2). The second case study will also cover patients access to their electronic health records. Digital solutions for self-management and patient empowerment is another area of interest, and we will follow the implementation of the tool Asthmatuner in Norrtälje (case study 3). 

The Research Team

PI: Maria Hägglund (UU)

Participating researchers: Lovisa Jäderlund Hagstedt (Tiohundra/KI), Helena Hvitfeldt (Tiohundra, UU), Nadia Davoody (KI), Marina Taloyan (Hässelby AVC/KI), Irene Muli (UU), Björn Nordlund (KI)