Implementation Science & eHealth

MedTech and digital innovation moves fast, and have a very real impact on the lives and work of patients, healthcare professionals and researchers. But real impact only happens when we actually adopt and use these new innovations, and implementation is often a lot more challenging than we think! Not only does the innovation itself need to be useful, well-designed and meet the expectations of the end-users, we also need to consider the complex socio-technical context in which is it to be used, and the skills, motivation and interests of its future users. This is where implementation research comes in.

Implementation research was one of the areas that was prioritized when Uppsala MedTech was founded. It was considered essential to not only develop new MedTech innovations, but also to understand the complex processes needed to get these new innovations into use in everyday clinical work and patients’ lives. 

Most current implementation research focuses on the implementation of clinical guidelines and knowledge in healthcare. Within medical informatics and engineering, we often discuss socio-technical systems, human factors and usability in relation to the implementation of medical technology and eHealth. During the fall of 2018, Maria Hägglund, senior lecturer in implementation science and associate professor in health informatics, was recruited to Uppsala MedTech Science & Innovation to establish research around implementation of medical technology in healthcare.

Current research 

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Last modified: 2022-12-04