Uppsala has a long tradition of research in biomedical engineering. The modern pregnancy test was developed at Uppsala University Hospital, and the micro-mechanic sensor that measures blood pressure in the blood vessels of the heart originates at the Ångström Lab. Research within imaging and radiation therapy have led to the establishment of the Skandion Clinic, the first Nordic clinic for proton therapy, a more effective treatment of cancer.

Medtech Science & Innovation is currantly targeting two specific areas of biomedical engineering. Two senior lecturers have been recruited, and two more are being recruited. More research topics may be added.

Computer-assisted Applications in Medicine (CAiM)

Basic and applied research in CAiM involve data analysis and information extraction, on topics lying at the intersection of multiple disciplines: computer science, engineering, and medicine. With the involvement of diverse and cross-​disciplinary skill-​set, the group aims to devise novel imaging and image analysis techniques, and develop them for clinical translation. The group’s efforts push the boundaries of diagnostic and surgical procedures as well as minimally-​invasive interventions.

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Last modified: 2021-02-15