MTSI welcomes its new Director


Warm welcome to the newly elected Director of MTSI from January 1st, Prof. Maria Tenje!

Maria is a professor in microsystems engineering with a research interest in microfluidics and miniaturized cell culture systems, e.g. for diagnostic applications and in vitro modelling (so-called organs-on-chip). In addition to her research group, she also leads, together with Prof. Cecilia Persson, the Division for Biomedical Engineering at the Department of Materials Science & Engineering, which organizationally hosts MTSI within UU. Here you can read more about the department and its activities:

Maria will be focusing on future strategy to ensure that MTSI continues to grow and support translation of medical technology into the health care of the future. As support, she has established an executive management group that will meet regularly to strengthen and develop the center's activities in research, education and collaboration, comprising Maria Hägglund, Håkan Engqvist, Caroline Öhman Mägi, Ken Welch and Helena Bysell.