MedTech Science and Innovation Day – 26 April 2023

The Uppsala MedTech Science and Innovation Centre is hosting a one-day conference on Wednesday, April 26, 2023 at Hubben, located in the center of Uppsala Science Park.

With this conference we aim to bring together people working in the MedTech field here in Uppsala, inform about various ongoing works, and spark new collaborations between the University Hospital and researchers at Uppsala University. The theme for this year's conference is "MedTech within distributed health care", which focuses around bringing MedTech and health care closer to the patient. 

In addition to talks given by clinicians and researchers, there will be an interactive discussion session where the participants will have the opportunity to discuss MedTech research topics that hopefully will foster new and prosperous collaborations. To facilitate writing external grant applications for such projects, there will be small MTSI Seed Grants available to participants based on short idea abstracts stemming from new collaborations that arise from discussions at the conference.  The application form will be available at the event.

There is no cost for attending the conference, but space is limited so do not wait to register! You can register here until April 14th.

Date and time: 26 April 2023,  09:00 - 17:00
Place: Konferens Hubben, Science Park, Dag Hammarskjölds väg 38, Uppsala
Program: available for download here


Morning coffee




Session 1: Presentations

Klas Hjort “Miniaturized Medical Systems with Soft Materials”

Sergio Pequito Learning from Autonomous Driving to Improve Neurostimulation Devices to Treat Neurological Diseases”

Klas Palm “Facilitating and hindering factors when introducing IoT in home and social care”

Darío Sánchez Martín “Visible aggregation of nanoparticles and DNA for out of laboratory testing of antimicrobial resistance”


Coffee break


Session 2: Presentations

Lena Strömberg “Medtech4Health - what ́s in it for me?”

Salman Toor “Federated Machine Learning: Privacy-Preserving Collaborative Training for Geographically Distributed Nodes”

Sara Riggare Medtech and distributed health care – the patient perspective”

Carl Andersson “Towards automated identification of coughs in long sound recordings”




Session 3: Idea exchange


Coffee break


Session 4: Presentations

Charlotta Elfström “How can we help you? Uppsala Clinical Research center (UCR)”

Ingela Nyström “InfraVis - a national research infrastructure providing support for visualization of data from medicine as well as other disciplines”

Sofia Ouhbi “Biofeedback-based connected health interventions to support people with anxiety”

Mudassir Mustafa “Designing a Digital Platform for Healthcare Research”

Jenny Harrysdotter “Patient self-monitoring – an enabler for streamlining healthcare?”


Wrap up and concluding remarks

Don’t miss this opportunity to network and find out more about the exciting research and innovations taking place within the MedTech field here in Uppsala! 

For more information, please contact:
Ken Welch
Maria Hägglund
Orcun Göksel
Sofia Wagrell

Last modified: 2023-04-12